Advanced Technology

Our doctors use many of the latest advancements in technology for accurate diagnosis, precise treatment planning and minimally invasive, comfortable treatment. Read below to learn more about the technology we use to provide you with the highest quality care.

  • Digital X-rays

    digital-bitewing-x-raysOur digital X-rays emit very little radiation and produce highly-detailed images in seconds.

  • Panoramic X-rays

    panoramic x-raysPanoramic X-Rays create a complete two-dimensional image of your entire mouth and clearly display your teeth, sinuses, jawbone and other structures. They are a valuable tool for comprehensive evaluation, as they show features not visible with limited-field X-rays.

  • Cone beam 3D CT scanner

    gendex3D1For certain types of treatment, such as dental implant treatment, wisdom tooth extraction and TMJ treatment, an even higher level of detail and versatility is needed than what is provided by regular X-rays. In these cases, the doctor will arrange for you to receive a dental 3D CT scan.

    The scanner takes a rapid series of X-rays in a 360-degree circle around your head which are computer-processed into crisp 3D views if your entire head. These images can be viewed from any angle and magnified as necessary.

  • Intraoral camera

    intraoral_cameraOur intraoral camera takes crisp digital photos of the inside of your mouth, and gives the doctor a clear view of your teeth, gums and soft tissues. These photos provide additional information for diagnostics and treatment planning, and are used to show you the condition of your teeth and gums during exams.

  • Digital camera

    digital cameraOur digital camera takes sharp pictures of your face, teeth and smile that are used for any cosmetic treatment planning.

  • CEREC® in-office CAD/CAM dental restoration fabrication system

    With our in-office CEREC CAD/CAM dental restoration system, we can create and place top-quality metal-free porcelain crowns and bridges in only one visit. With this state-of-the-art technology, we are able to take a three-dimensional digital scan of your teeth and custom-fabricate a perfectly fitting dental restoration while you wait, eliminating the need for multiple appointments.

  • Soft-tissue dental laser

    laser-dentistry-4Dr. Chantry uses an advanced soft-tissue dental laser for minimally invasive removal or reshaping of gum tissue. Due to the laser’s precision, surrounding tissues are not affected, healing is faster and there is little to no post-treatment swelling or discomfort. The laser acts as an effective, comfortable and safe alternative to a scalpel.

  • Millennium Periolase® dental laser

    Dr. Chantry uses the Millenium Periolase laser to perform advanced treatment for moderate to severe gum disease. The laser is used at different settings to eliminate bacteria, remove diseased gum tissue, seal up the gum pocket and stimulate the regeneration of new, healthy tissue that will provide strong support for your teeth. Laser treatment can resolve even severe cases of gum disease without the need for conventional periodontal surgery, and healing time is much faster than with traditional surgical procedures.

  • Hard-tissue dental laser

    laserOur hard-tissue dental laser is sometimes used in place of a drill for removing tooth enamel or old resin composite (white tooth- filling material) from the tooth surfaces. The laser painlessly evaporates the tooth structure while emitting no sound or vibration. This eliminates the need for anesthetics in most cases.

  • Ultrasonic scalers

    ultrasonic-scalerWe use ultrasonic scalers to gently and effectively remove accumulated bacterial plaque and calculus (hardened plaque) from your teeth. High-frequency vibrations generated by the scalers break up these deposits and simultaneously kill the disease-causing bacteria. Ultrasonic scaling cleans more thoroughly than conventional hand instruments and is more comfortable for patients.

  • VELscope® oral cancer screening device

    Dr. Chantry uses the VELscope oral cancer screening device to detect abnormal tissues in the mouth, including precancerous and cancerous growths. The VELscope emits a blue fluorescent light which reflects from healthy tissue in a certain color, and from diseased tissue in a different color. Using this light- advanced technology, abnormal growths can be detected at an early stage (during which they are usually highly treatable).

  • Tooth root apex locator for root canal treatment

    The “apex” of a tooth root is the point at the bottom of the root where the nerves in the tooth meet other tissues. The doctor uses an advanced meter to locate this point so root canal treatment is accurate and does not miss any infection in the tooth or needlessly go beyond the end of the root.

  • Surgical magnification glasses

    Dr. Chantry uses surgical eyeglasses (known as surgical loupes) for highly detailed views of small areas. Magnification allows him to perform delicate procedures in tiny spaces with great precision, making treatment much less invasive.

  • Centrifuge for extracting growth proteins

    CentrifugeThere are proteins in our blood, known as “growth factors”. that stimulate growth of new tissue and aid healing. These can be extracted from a small amount of the patient’s own blood using a special centrifuge devices. Dr. Chantry uses these growth factors during certain types of treatment. Applying them to treated tissues speeds up healing, reduces inflammation and lessens post-operative discomfort.

  • DIAGNOdent® laser cavity detection device

    diagnodentOur DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection device is a pen-like probe that sends a safe, painless laser beam into the tooth and checks its health. The beam detects even tiny levels of decay residing under the tooth surface, and allows us to discover and treat tooth decay in its early stages. With early detection, treatment is minimally invasive and the tooth is preserved in a stronger condition.

  • Intraoral camera for cavity detection

    Our CamX “Spectra” Caries Detection Aid is an intraoral camera which, similar to the DIAGNOdent device, shines a light on teeth which is reflected in different colors to highlight tooth decay that may not be visible in X-rays.

  • Computer-assisted jaw and bite analysis system

    tekscanDr. Chantry uses a highly advanced set of computer-assisted measuring devices to accurately assess jaw motion, jaw joint function, muscle strain and bite forces. From these combined readings, he can precisely determine your current jaw and bite alignment and your optimum jaw and bite relationship. This system is vital for precise diagnosis and treatment planning to correct TMJ (jaw joint) problems.

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