Sedation Dentistry in Elk Grove & Davis

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We have many comfort amenities to help you relax during your treatment.

We Ensure Your Comfort During Treatment

At Chantry Dental Care, we are dedicated to keeping you comfortable at all times when you come to our office for treatment. With our friendly and caring service, relaxed atmosphere, numerous comfort amenities and minimally invasive dental techniques, we make every aspect of your experience as pleasant and pain-free as possible.

Friendly, Caring Service

Friendly greeting

Our doctors will get to know you and find out about your dental goals and concerns.

Our staff are very friendly and will see to your every need when you come to see us. They will help you feel at home when you come in, and you can always come to them with a question or request.

Our doctors are very caring and really listen to your goals and concerns. They make sure to fully explain your treatment options in detail and answer all your questions so you know what to expect and can feel at ease with your treatment.

A Wide Array of Comfort Amenities to Help You Relax

Patient being giving blanket

Blankets and neck pillows are some of the amenities we use to keep you comfortable during treatment.

We have an extensive array of amenities you can choose from, and we list them all for easy reference on our in-office “comfort menu”.

In reception, we offer a wide choice of refreshments, including water, coffee, hot cocoa and a variety of soda flavors available from our SodaStream® sparkling water machine.

For added comfort in the treatment chair, we offer blankets, stuffed neck pillows, sunglasses to remove glare from the lights and Bose® noise-cancelling headphones with music from Pandora. Our chairs also have a massage feature to enjoy and we can help warm you up with a heating pad.

We also make lip balm and paraffin wax hand treatment available to help make your time in the treatment room more pleasant. When your treatment is done, we will always provide you with a hot scented towel and a take-home hygiene kit, and you can enjoy your choice of warm cookies, pastries and sugar-free candies upon checkout.

Advanced Technology for Minimally Invasive Treatment

One of the main ways we make your dental experience pleasant is by using advanced, minimally invasive technology in our procedures. For example, Dr. Chantry uses gum massage and a special anesthetic to make injections very gentle. His use of dental lasers during surgical gum procedures often removes the need for scalpels and sutures, and laser-treated tissues heal quickly with little to no postoperative discomfort. Our ultrasonic scalers use high-frequency vibrations to gently and thoroughly clean teeth in a more effective and more comfortable manner than traditional instruments.

Sedation & Natural Relaxation

For patients who experience heavy anxiety, or who are receiving long procedures, Dr. Chantry can provide oral conscious sedation or nitrous oxide. He also has an alpha-wave natural relaxation system available that helps patients relax without the use of drugs. He can let you know if sedation would be appropriate for your treatment, and he can advise you on which option would work best for your circumstances.

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