Dental Implants in Elk Grove & Davis


Dr. Chantry provides natural-looking, natural-feeling and well-functioning tooth replacement using dental implants.

Knowledgeable, Skilled Implant Dentistry

shutterstock_223292056A dental implant is a titanium post that is inserted into your jaw and acts as an artificial tooth root. The implant serves as the foundation for a dental crown, a dental bridge or a denture to replace one or more missing teeth.

Dental implants are the strongest, most lifelike and longest-lasting of all tooth replacement options, and are the only form of tooth replacement that prevents the bone loss that occurs as a natural consequence of having missing teeth. Dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care, and they are considered the gold standard of tooth replacement today.

Award-winning, experienced implant dentist

doctor in front of certs

Dr. Chantry is a highly experienced implant dentist who has received extensive training in advanced dental implant procedures.

Dr. Chantry is a highly skilled and experienced implant dentist who has been providing comprehensive implant treatment since 1994. He is experienced in all phases of implant treatment (from initial consultation to final replacement teeth), and has treated many different types of cases.

Dr. Chantry received an award from the International Congress of Oral Implantologists for his clinical proficiency in implant placement in his first year of practice, and has kept up-to-date with the latest in implant technology through a thorough schedule of continuing education.

When providing implant treatment, Dr. Chantry makes the safety and comfort of his patient his main priorities. He performs extensive diagnostics and meticulous treatment planning to give patients high-quality care that results in stable, well-functioning and long-lasting implant-supported replacement teeth.

The entire treatment from start to finish in one office

Dr. Chantry can provide start-to-finish dental implant services in our own office for most patients. This includes implant placement to meet almost any need, and the fabrication and placement of the top-quality new teeth that the implants will support. Even if bone grafting is needed to build up enough support for the implants, Dr. Chantry is able to take care of that in our office in most cases.

Complimentary Dental Implant Consultation

If you have missing teeth or teeth that need to be extracted and replaced, come in for a Complimentary Dental Implant Consultation. Find out more about dental implant treatment and get all of your questions answered. Your visit will include:

  • Oral examination
  • Limited X-rays if necessary
  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Learn about treatment options
  • Get your questions answered

Call to request an appointment: Elk Grove 916‑249‑0360 • Davis 530‑601‑4201 • Yuba City 530‑491‑4448, or click here to request an appointment online.

Our Dental Implant Services

Dr. Chantry provides a comprehensive range of dental implant services. Below are the implant options he provides for replacing one, several or all teeth.

  • Individual implants

    implant_diagram1For an individual missing tooth, Dr. Chantry places a dental implant and tops it with a crown.

  • Implant-supported bridges

    implant-supported-bridge-RightFor several missing teeth in a row, Dr. Chantry often uses multiple implants to support a dental bridge. He can also place a series of implant-supported bridges to replace an entire arch of missing teeth.

  • Implant-supported removable snap-in dentures

    implantsupporteddentureslargeDr. Chantry can place between three and five implants that will securely retain a denture in place through the use of special snap-on attachments. The denture will not slip, will have significantly increased chewing power and can be removed by the patient at any time for cleaning or other care.

    Learn more about implant-supported dentures

  • Implants to stabilize an existing denture

    denturestabilization1Dr. Chantry can place several implants on your arch and add snapping attachments to your current denture so it will attach to the implants and be retained securely in place. The adjusted denture will function similarly to the snap-in new denture above and will have improved chewing power.

  • Implant-supported fixed-in dentures

    fixed implant dentureDr. Chantry can place a series of four or more implants to support a denture that is firmly fixed-in and will never have to come out of your mouth. Your new teeth will not slip or irritate your gums, and will provide 95 percent of the chewing power of natural teeth. There will be no false palate that inhibits your sense of taste, and you will be able to eat all the foods you need for proper nutrition.

    Learn more about fixed-in replacement teeth

Our Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implant placement is a precise procedure that requires detailed planning and execution. Dr. Chantry is meticulous at each step of the process to ensure stable and long-lasting results.

Thorough diagnostics

patient getting x-rays

Panoramic X-rays are used as part of dental implant treatment planning.

Dr. Chantry starts with a comprehensive oral examination and panoramic X-rays that give a detailed overview of the entire mouth. The X-ray images are used to determine where the bone volume is best to support the implant, and if any bone grafting is needed to ensure adequate support.

When additional detail is needed, Dr. Chantry will arrange for you to receive a dental 3D CT scan using a mobile service that comes to our office. A CT scan provides 3D, 360-degree views of your teeth, jaw, sinuses and surrounding structures.

Detailed planning

Dr. Chantry precisely measures the location where the implant is to be placed so the correct type of implant post can be used. Using a special measuring device called a T-Scan®, he measures the forces of the bite so that he can make sure the new implant and implant-supported tooth result in a well-balanced and well-aligned bite. This information and the X-ray images are then used to meticulously plan out each step of the procedure.

Precise placement

When placing your implant, Dr. Chantry uses special measuring devices at the implant site to ensure that the implant is inserted in the exact position planned. He also obtains X-Ray verification that the implant is in the correct position before completing the procedure.

Gentle extractions

tooth pullDr. Chantry performs gentle and non-traumatic extractions on any teeth that need to be removed before placement of the implants.

Expert bone grafting

Implants require a certain amount of bone support to be stable in the jaw and take the pressure put on them by the replacement teeth. If there is insufficient bone in your jaw for the implant to be stable, Dr. Chantry will place a bone graft which regenerates the needed bone to guarantee a strong foundation.

Keeping you comfortable

being comfortable

We will keep you comfortable during your treatment.

Dr. Chantry makes sure you are comfortable throughout your treatment. He uses a specially formulated anesthetic that makes injections very gentle. He also has oral sedation and an alpha wave drug-free relaxation system available if you need extra help with anxiety.

For added comfort in the treatment chair, we provide blankets, heating pads, pillows, glare-reducing glasses, and headphones with music from Pandora®. To help you further relax, our treatment chairs also have an optional massage feature.

Follow-up visits

Dr. Chantry will check on the healing progress of your implants during routine follow-up visits. When the implants have fully healed, he will take impressions and fabricate your new replacement teeth.

Top-quality new teeth

Your new teeth will be made out of top-quality materials. They will look and feel completely natural and will align well with your bite. Whether you replace one tooth, several teeth or an entire arch, you will be able to smile again with complete confidence!

Who Are Candidates for Dental Implants?

patient getting x-rays

Except for young persons whose jaw structures have not fully developed, there are no age limits on who can receive dental implants.

Due to major technical advances over the last twenty years, most people are now able to successfully receive dental implants. In the past, people who had lost too much bone in their jaw were not eligible for implants, as implants need a certain amount of bone support to be stable. Dr. Chantry can rebuild the bone needed to support an implant with modern bone grafting techniques.

Even patients with severe health problems that used to make implant treatment too risky are now often candidates for implants. This includes people who smoke heavily, have cardiovascular disease or who are diabetic. Dr. Chantry will closely liaise with your physician as needed in the event that you have any potentially compromising health conditions. This will ensure your safety and the success of any treatment that is performed.

Except for young persons whose jaw structures have not fully developed, there are no age limits on who can receive dental implants.

Come and See Us for a Personal Consultation

If you would like to know more about dental implant treatment, you can come in to see Dr. Chantry for a Complimentary Dental Implant Consultation. You will learn more about how dental implant treatment works and get all of your questions answered. Just call our office and we will be happy to schedule your appointment.

Call to request an appointment: Elk Grove 916‑249‑0360 • Davis 530‑601‑4201 • Yuba City 530‑491‑4448, or click here to request an appointment online.