One-Visit Crowns in Elk Grove and Yuba City

Beautiful, Natural-Looking Crowns in One Visit

CEREC machine

Our CEREC milling unit fabricates your crown from high-quality porcelain, right in our own office.

In our Elk Grove and Yuba City locations, Dr. Chantry can provide one-visit porcelain crowns right in our office using our CEREC® computer-aided design and manufacturing system for dental restorations. The CEREC system produces top-quality porcelain crowns that are shade-matched to your other teeth, look completely natural and are well-fitting and durable.

With CEREC, Dr. Chantry can take impressions, fully fabricate and place permanent crowns on your teeth, all in one visit. You won’t have to come in for multiple appointments or wear temporary restorations.

Our One-Visit Crowns Procedure with CEREC

The CEREC system uses digital technology for every stage of the procedure. Due to the speed and accuracy of the system, your crown can be made and placed during a single visit in as little as two hours.

Fast and easy digital impressions

Dr. Chantry begins the procedure by creating a digital impression of your mouth using the CEREC Bluecam digital scanner. These impressions are more accurate and more comfortable for patients than traditional goopy impressions.

Designing your crown in 3D

digital impressions

Dr. Chantry will design your crown so that it fits and matches perfectly with the rest of your teeth.

Dr. Chantry will design your crown using special 3D software that is part of the system. The software converts the digital impression data into a highly accurate three-dimensional virtual model of your teeth. The crown will be designed so it will fit precisely, have the correct bite surfaces and blend in well with your natural teeth.

Custom-milling your crown

Dr. Chantry will then use our CEREC milling unit to fabricate your new crown out of a single block of high-quality porcelain. The porcelain we use is highly biocompatible and has the same characteristics as natural dental enamel. Since the crown is made from a single block, it is less prone to cracks and flaws than crowns that are made by other methods. Dr. Chantry will ensure that your new crown is shade-matched to your other teeth for a natural look.

Final adjustment and fitting

Using the CEREC system, Dr. Chantry can make any necessary final adjustments right in our office in a matter of minutes. You will be able to have your permanent, perfectly-fitting crown placed during the same visit, with no need for additional appointments.

One-Visit “Partial Coverage” Crowns

Dr. Chantry also uses the CEREC system to create “partial coverage crowns” called inlays and onlays. These are restorations that are smaller than a full crown and are used to repair damage to a tooth that is too extensive for a filling, but not large enough to require that the entire tooth be covered.

inlayRestorations that are placed in the grooves between the cusps (highest points) of your tooth are known as inlays, and restorations fitted over one or more of the cusps are called onlays. Our inlays and onlays are made out of the same high-quality color-matched porcelain as our regular crowns.

Benefits and Advantages of the CEREC system

  • Fast: CEREC restorations can be designed, milled and placed in one visit. You won’t need to wear any temporaries or come back multiple times.
  • No extra costs: You don’t have to show up for multiple appointments and incur extra expenses
  • Very durable: Since CEREC restorations are fabricated from a single block of porcelain, they are very durable and highly resistant to cracking or breaking.
  • Aesthetic, natural appearance: The porcelain used for CEREC restorations has the translucence that resembles real tooth material, creating a beautiful and natural-looking result.
  • Precise matching: CEREC restorations are precisely computer-designed to match the shape, size and contours of your adjacent teeth, thus looking completely natural and fitting perfectly in your smile. Your restorations are also made out of porcelain that is color-matched to your natural teeth.
  • Biocompatible: The porcelain used for CEREC restorations is biocompatible, metal-free and non-toxic.

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