One-Visit Root Canals in Elk Grove and Davis


Gentle, Effective Root Canal Therapy in a Single Visit

root_canal1A root canal is a hollow area on the inside of the tooth that contains a combination of blood vessels, nerves and soft tissue, which together is called the “pulp.” When these tissues become infected, pain, swelling and abscesses can result and the tooth is in danger of being lost. The infection can additionally spread to other parts of the jaw if not treated.

Dr. Chantry can perform root canal therapy to remove the infection and preserve the tooth. He is very experienced in this treatment and uses high-tech equipment and instrumentation to make the procedure fast, comfortable and minimally invasive. For 95 percent of our patients, he is able to complete the entire treatment in one visit, including placing the final crown that goes on top of the treated tooth.

How Root Canal Therapy Works

During root canal therapy, the canal is accessed through the top of the tooth. The tissue inside the canal is then removed down to the bottom of the root, after which the empty canal is thoroughly disinfected. The canal is then filled with a sterile, rubber-like material to seal it and prevent any future infection.

After the tooth has been completely filled, a dental crown is placed on the tooth to restore full function. This is necessary because a tooth that has had all its nerves removed is no longer alive, and consequently is far more prone to cracking or breaking. A crown will provide the added strength your tooth needs to continue functioning for a long time, perhaps even for the rest of your life.


High-Tech, One-Visit Root Canals

found-on-tradekorea_com-210607Dr. Chantry uses special handpieces which allow him to clean out the canal thoroughly and efficiently. He wears surgical magnification eyeglasses to see all of the canals in great detail, guaranteeing both precision and speed. He also uses a high-tech measuring device to locate the precise end of the tooth root so no infection is missed and treatment does not go unnecessarily past the root.

Because of our in-office CEREC® dental computer-aided design and manufacturing system in our Yuba City and Elk Grove locations, Dr. Chantry is able to design, fabricate and place a perfectly fitting and aesthetic final crown over your treated tooth in the same visit. The entirety of your treatment can generally be completed in less than two hours.

$69 New Patient Special

If you are experiencing tooth pain or believe you might need root canal treatment, take advantage of our $69 New Patient Special and see Dr. Chantry for a comprehensive oral exam, X-rays and full evaluation. Your visit will include:

  • Comprehensive oral exam
  • X-rays
  • Cleaning
  • Gum disease evaluation
  • TMJ (jaw joint) examination
  • Oral cancer screening

Usual value: $279


Call to request an appointment: Elk Grove 916‑249‑0360 • Davis 530‑601‑4201 • Yuba City 530‑491‑4448, or click here to request an appointment online.

Signs That You Might Need Root Canal Therapy

The following are signs that you may be in need of root canal therapy. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, please contact our office immediately to schedule an exam.

  • Your tooth hurts when you try to bite down.
  • You have a whitish bump on your gumline, which is a sign of an abscess.
  • You feel prolonged pain in response to heat and cold.
  • You feel tenderness at the bottom of your tooth root.
  • You feel spontaneous pain from no apparent trigger.
  • You are experiencing swelling around your gumline.
  • Your tooth has developed some discoloration.

Call to request an appointment: Elk Grove 916‑249‑0360 • Davis 530‑601‑4201 • Yuba City 530‑491‑4448, or click here to request an appointment online.