Patient Testimonials

“Everybody here is friendly and helpful.”

“I cracked my back upper right tooth and Dr. Chantry got me in right away. He fixed it the same day I went in. He took a picture of my tooth and then made the crown right there in his office. He put it on and it was PERFECT! It was all done in an hour and a half. I could eat with it that day and NO PAIN! I love my new tooth. It feels just like my old tooth.

“Everybody here is friendly and helpful. Dr. Chantry is a good dentist. He’s quick and makes things as pain-free as possible. I’ve had gum grafts, crowns, and a root canal done. He has helped me and my family and we love him!”

— Diane, One-Visit Crown, Root Canal, Gum Grafting

nikki-testimonial“Going to the dentist can be scary but Dr. Chantry makes it a no-stress experience.”

“I’ve been a patient since I was little. I recently received orthodontic treatment and my teeth are in very good condition now. Dr. Chantry also made a custom nightguard guard for me, which handled some jaw pain I was having.

“Going to the dentist can be scary, but Dr. Chantry makes it a no-stress experience. He’s funny and he makes you feel comfortable. Everyone at the practice is welcoming and makes sure you are treated with care.”

— Nikki, Orthodontics

nancy-testimonial“Dr. Chantry is very gentle. I have never experienced pain under his care.”

“I like the atmosphere at Chantry Dental Care. The staff are friendly and cheerful, and I feel at home every time I visit.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Chantry’s for 23 years. I know I am getting the most up-to-date care, and I appreciate how enthusiastically Dr. Chantry continues to receive training on advanced dental procedures.

“Dr. Chantry is very gentle. I have never experienced pain under his care. His shots never even hurt! Because I did not floss, I had developed periodontal disease. My gums were swollen and I had deep pockets. Dr. Chantry performed laser surgery and cured my condition. Now, with flossing and regular checkups and cleanings, I have maintained my good oral health.”

— Nancy, Laser Gum Disease Treatment

jordan-testimonial“Dr. Chantry is kind, caring and funny.”

“Dr. Chantry’s office is clean and the staff are friendly. Dr. Chantry is kind, caring and funny.

“My teeth were very crooked and gapped. Dr. Chantry gave me gum grafts, veneers and whitening. I get lots of compliments on my teeth now, and I feel beautiful!”

— Jordan, Veneers, Teeth Whitening, Gum Grafts

testimonial“Dr. Chantry is friendly and knowledgeable.”

“Dr. Chantry is friendly and knowledgeable. He did the pinhole technique for gum recession—and bone grafting—so my receding gums have been taken care of, which is awesome. It was so easy!

“Everyone knows me and calls me by name here; I am treated well.  And I love my hygienist!”

— Vicki, Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique, Bone grafting

miley-testimonial“Dr. Chantry is always so nice and he actually cares about his patients.”

“Dr. Chantry is always so nice and he actually cares about his patients. All the staff are great.

“When I wanted to get straighter teeth I was 18. I didn’t want to have braces, so Dr. Chantry suggested Invisalign® clear aligners. I liked this because the aligners weren’t noticeable and I could take them out whenever I wanted to.

“I am glad I got them done here because the staff was always very nice. They answered any questions I ever had. The whole process was very quick and I only had to have Invisalign for a few months. My teeth are just as straight as they would have been if I had braces, but I didn’t have to deal with the embarrassment of them. I am glad I had the opportunity to get them here.”

—Miley, Invisalign

“Dr. Chantry was very patient and he listened to me.”

“For years, I was a little self-conscious. My teeth were dull, bordering on yellow. I wanted to whiten them, but wasn’t sure I would receive the results I wanted and didn’t want to waste my money.

“Dr. Chantry was very patient and he listened to me. After researching my options, I choose Zoom! at Dr. Chantry’s office. It was great! It took about two hours and I got the results I was hoping for—whiter teeth! Six shades lighter!!! It was awesome!”

— Troy, Teeth Whitening

“They will work with you on any of your needs, and it’s a clean facility.”

“I wanted a dentist who would listen to me and make me feel comfortable. Dr. Chantry is personable and knowledgeable. He keeps up-to-date on everything and he only does necessary procedures.

“Everyone at the practice is really nice. They will work with you on any of your needs, and it’s a clean facility. I had a fear of the dentist, but they have a special device that helps me relax during the entire procedure. They offer relaxation items like chair massage and video games for the kids. They do raffles and prizes. They like to give back; you get something in return when you go there.

“I had always thought about getting teeth whitening. I went ahead with it and it made me feel good and look good.”

— Freddie, Teeth Whitening

“He does very high-quality work.”

“I like everything about Dr. Chantry. He’s great: professional, with professional ethics, and he does very high-quality work. His staff are wonderful, too. They all have great personalities. They even handle my insurance wonderfully!

“The crowns that Dr. Chantry gave me are perfect. And my gums are healthier, which makes my teeth healthier, which makes me happier.”

— Norm – General Dentistry, Crowns

“I was one of the first people to have his new pinhole surgery and it was very successful.”

“I know Dr. Chantry from church. He’s friendly and nice. He takes care of business; he knows what he’s doing.

“I was one of the first people to have his new pinhole surgery for receding gums and it was very successful. I’m so pleased with it! The gum recession has stopped and my gums look very good now.”

— Vicki – Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique

“You can get everything done in one visit.”

“You can get everything done in one visit. I just think that’s the greatest. If you need a crown, you don’t have to miss five days of work to have it made and fitted. He does it right there in the office in one day and that’s it. I know he does Invisalign® clear teeth straightening at the office, and my daughter just had her wisdom teeth taken out by him. He just does it all and I like that I’m not being referred out.

“Dr. Chantry has a calming way about him and the staff are so friendly there! They absolutely spoil you and so does he. If you want a warm towel you get a warm towel. There’s coffee and cookies. There’s a lounge for family to wait in while you have your procedure. He has patient appreciation raffles: I’ve won a movie ticket basket with popcorn and all kinds of goodies and one patient even won a car!

“I have a healthy mouth and smile and the whitening made my teeth look bright and new.”

— Danna – General dentistry

“It’s not painful when he works on me.”

“I like everything about Dr. Chantry. He’s pleasant, personable, easygoing and professional. It’s not painful when he works on me. The staff are hard-working and really nice. They are all awesome. I can rest easy that my teeth are well cared for.”

— Ryan – General dentistry

“I’m no longer in pain, thank goodness!”

“I’m no longer in pain, thank goodness! Dr. Chantry has a very gentle touch and he likes to be on the cutting edge of dentistry, which I like very much.”

— Amy – General dentistry

“He knows what he’s doing.”

“I found Dr. Chantry 12 years ago. He knows what he’s doing. He’s professional and smart. The staff are a great group of girls. They really take good care of you.

“I wanted cosmetic work done, like caps and such. Dr. Chantry made my teeth look, feel and function the way they were supposed to and that feels great!”

— Fred – Cosmetic dentistry

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